Bella Pelle Box 2

Bella Pelle Box 2

1- Aloe mask:
Shrink pores, moisturize, brighten complexion, oil control, replenish water and deep cleanse.

2- White rice mask:
Balance oil secretion, invigorate and moisturize skin, brighten skin color, shrink pores ans relieve skin.

3- Collagen lip:
Moisturizing, smooth and nourishing

4- Hyaluronic acid mask:
Moisturizing, brightening skin, oil control and replenishment.

5- Wonder eye cream:
Moisturizing, smooth, anti-wrinkle, nourishing, protecting, whitening and remove dark circles.

6- Hand mask:
Whitening, moisturizing, nourishing, fair and tender.

7- Foot mask:
Smooth, exfoliator, whitening, hydrating and nourishing.

8- Remove black head • nose:
Remove black heads, unclogs pores, and excess oil which will improve the nose skin problem.

9- Vitamin c mask:
Whitening, moisture and smooth.

10- Facial cleansing brush:
Cleansing and massage.

11- Bioaqua hydra foam cleanser • Face wash:
Exfoliator, cleansing and oil control.

12- Crystal collagen eye mask:
Go to the black eye, relax, go to the eye bag, and soothe the eye.
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